data acquisition

Seismic data acquisition (2D/3D/4D):

  • BROADSWEEP technology is a reservoir-driven acquisition and an integrated hardware/software solution, where vibrator controller shapes the sweep based on amplitude-frequency characteristics of the reservoir to achieve full broadband seismic record (record spans six frequency octaves), maximum resolution and signal-to-noise ratio. Presence of low and high frequencies in the data aid in unambiguous interpretation and reliable seismic inversion (full presentation).

BROADSWEEP's (right) images fault roots much clearer than the conventional sweep (left) due to the presence of low frequency component.

  • survey preplanning from simple surface geometry to comprehensive ray tracing utilizing geocellular velocity modelling and a priori information coupled with ray tracing
  • field operations optimization for best data quality and urban surveys (see this article)
  • experience with cable and wireless systems, analog and digital
  • multi-component exploration 3C and 9C
  • incorporation of GIS information and defined exclusion zones helps to plan the survey close to the field reality, while addressing imaging objectives and, therefore, reducing cycle time and cost

Field supervision and QC processing

  • proprietary software (SeiswinQC) and skilled personnel for crew startup
  • pre-acquisition source and receiver configuration tests
  • in-field QC and data processing
  • experienced with cable and node distributed wireless seismic acquisition systems, including hybrid source and receiver configurations.