about us

Unified Geosystems was established in 2009 by two principals with an extensive geophysical background:

Fritz Foss has worked in various capacities in the oil & gas exploration business for the past 23+ years, including 14 years experience processing (or oversight thereof) onshore/offshore 2D/3D seismic data and/or consulting for Shell Oil Company, PetroCorp, Inc., Apache Corporation, and most recently holding a joint research scientist/geophysical technology manager position with Terralliance Technologies, Inc. prior to becoming affiliated with Unified GeoSystems. Fritz holds a B.S. in Geophysical Engineering (1985) from Colorado School of Mines, a M.S. in Applied Mathematics (1995) and Ph.D. in Mathematics (2006) from University of Houston. His applied geophysical research interests/expertise lie in the areas of applied seismic data analysis and integration, including signal processing and time series analysis, seismic imaging and inversion, and nonlinear seismic phenomena. His applied mathematical interests/expertise lie in the areas of numerical solution of optimal control problems, linear/nonlinear eigen problems, and linear/nonlinear programming/estimation problems arising in wave propagation, elasto-statics/dynamics, and traditional/behavioral economics/finance, (co)authoring several scholarly works in many of these areas.

Fritz is a member of DGS, SEG, EAGE, and SIAM. He resides with his family in Longmont, CO.

Tagir Galikeev holds two Master's degrees in Geophysics (Moscow State University and Colorado School of Mines). He also earned his Ph.D. in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines. Tagir was exposed to O&G industry since he was a teenager by working as a doodlebugger on a field crew. Since then exploration for oil and gas played a major role in his professional life. He has developed an adaptive (or optimal) sweep algorithm for his first M.S. degree at the Moscow State University. Second M.S. degree covered advanced imaging topics for time-lapse surveys and Ph.D. research concentrated on seismic attributes and their geostatistical integration into the 4D data analysis workflow. Tagir spent time as a geophysicist with Amoco and Texaco. At ION Geophysical he worked as a geophysical project manager within a Vectorseis Leadership Team and provided guidance and expertise on the projects involving 3C digital acquisition. His recent employment was with Terralliance Technologies as a senior geophysicist, where he planned and managed a $1.2MM experimental nonlinear seismic acquisition. Tagir is experienced in seismic acquisition and signal processing, including multicomponent data, advanced imaging topics, geostatistical integrated reservoir studies and various research and algorithm development topics. He holds a patent in adaptive Vibroseis acquisition technology.

Tagir's current interests reside in quantitative integration of geophysical information for reservoir characterization and risk assessment as well as adaptation of nonlinear machine learning algorithms to the oil and gas exploration. He is a member of Denver Geophysical Society (DGS), Eurasian Geophysical Organization (EAGO, Russia), SEG and EAGE.